Friday, June 25, 2010

Help For What?? RHONY Reunion Part 3

Part 3 of the reunion starts off by reminding everyone that Kelly has just walked off set and Bethenny has just likened her to Humpty Dumpty. I thought that I would provide the following visual comparison. It definitely made me laugh.
Everyone pretty much realized that it is pointless to say again and again that Kelly is crazy. I assume this is partly because Kelly has no idea what they are talking about anyway, and the other part that it’s just plain stating the obvious. They move on to Jill’s surprise visit and how it intertwined with the Kelly drama. Ramona reiterates that she hates surprises and sort of flies off the deep end cussing and stomping at Jill. I agree that Jill’s visit was rude and all self-serving, but Ramona just came off looking like a lunatic to me. I guess she figured she could act as crazy as she wanted, since next to Kelly, Anna Nicole Smith looks sane (God rest her soul). Bethenny and Ramona tell how they each made phone calls to Jill explaining the seriousness of Kelly’s situation and asking her to meet crazy at the airport for support. If Jill is the “on your team” friend that she claims to be, wouldn’t she be there for Kelly in that moment. Well, not if it meant that she wouldn’t get to make her “surprise” trip for extra camera time. She tries to claim that she thought Kelly was still there, but that is shot down when she admits to seeing her at the airport. So in true Jill fashion, she plays the victim card when her excuses don’t work. She begins talking about how humiliated she was in front of Bobby to be kicked out and how all the ladies were completely terrible to her. Funny moment courtesy of Sonja… “Ramona got up from her pedicure to come see you.” The other ladies got a good laugh out of that. When asked by Andy if she thought it was rude to ask Jill to leave, Sonja had an excellent response. She simply said that the rude thing was Jill showing up unannounced in the first place. The focus shifts back to Kelly a bit, who begins babbling about how the women are all bullies. Sonja asks her to provide an example of how she had bullied Kelly, and Kelly apologized for including her in the group. Then, she claimed that Sonja was a drunk the whole trip two sentences later. Umm? Hello? Maybe you should make up your mind. This brings me to the next topic of conversation, Kelly’s contradictory words and behavior. Bravo rolls some footage where we see this in action. She says she doesn’t eat processed food, yet she loves gummy bears. She says she’s a Peta advocate, yet she eats meat and wears fur. She says that she’s modest, yet poses for Playboy. You get my drift here. Even her friends LuAnn and Jill couldn’t help her out here. I’m not too sure I understood her explanation for this. I think she just basically confirmed that she is crazy, especially by saying that the other ladies should just celebrate her contradictions. In the next sentence she says that the other women are unpredictable and dangerous. When asked by Andy if she got help after the trip, she replied, “Help for what?” Ladies and gentlemen, the crazy train has left the station. At this point in my blogging, I’m just exhausted. For this reason, I’ve decided to skip to the end. All the ladies are asked if they would return to the show. They all give vague answers, most of which involved conditions. My prediction is that any of them who are offered a paycheck and some airtime will show up for season 4 with bells on. Bethenny and Jill have a tearful moment and hug at the end, so we are left with the cliffhanger of whether or not they will rekindle their born on TV friendship. Guess we’ll all have to wait for season 4 to get more drama. Oh, wait. What’s that? You’re going to drag this out into ANOTHER show with unseen footage. I’m a huge fan of the show, but that’s just pushing it. I probably won’t blog about that last show, so for one last time I would like to wish you all satchels of gold!!

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