Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday's Top Ten

Since Summer is my absolute favorite time of year, today's top ten will focus on my top ten favorite things to do during summer. Spoiler Alert: Most of these things will either involve the sun, being lazy or both.

1. Going out on the boat is one of my favorite summer times. Who doesn't love this?
2. Going to the beach with my friends is also up there on the list. In fact, we're going next week. I can't wait!!
3. I love to relax in a hammock. This is another one that everyone loves!
4. Riding in the car with your windows down is a must during the Summer months.
5. Laying out at the pool is necessary if you're not going to be out on a boat.
6. Summer is a great time to go to a festival. There are a lot of them on Saturday's, you just have to be looking for them.
7. Slip-n-Slides!!! Ok, I don't do this very often, but I'd definitely like to.
8. I love to play with Myers during the Summer. Well, I love to play with Myers any time of the year, but he's just so cute in a swim suit.
9. I love a good Summer read. This Summer, I'm reading all of Chelsea Handler's books and possibly The Help.
10. Nothing! A Summer weekend day is the perfect day to do absolutely nothing!

Here are some pics from the weekend...
I got to see some old/still friends at the wedding.
Amanda, Otinma, Allison and Jessica

How beautiful was the bride!!

The handsome groom.

This was the only funny face we could think of.

One of my little monster, Myers, who I got to keep Sunday morning! He's getting to be such a little man!

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