Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dahhhling! RHONY Reunion Part 1

I would like to make a correction to my earlier statement about the reunion episodes being split into two parts. Obviously, Bravo wants to give us three parts, which I am absolutely not complaining about. I just can’t get enough of this season. I will say though, that part one wasn’t quite as dramatic as I would’ve liked. It’s almost like they could have taken that small amount of content and spread it out into the other two episodes.

I think that the set they’ve chosen for the reunion this year is beautiful. It was definitely a hit, not miss for Bravo. Another hit in my opinion, was the wardrobe and hair/makeup for the cast. I really loved most of what the women had on. I thought Alex looked absolutely beautiful from head to toe! Ramona’s Zac Posen dress what a little matronly for me, but I thought her hair looked great. I wasn’t a huge fan of Bethenny’s dress, but thought the shoes were fabulous. I am never a fan of Jill’s “Elvira” do, but her dress and shoes looked really great. I can’t figure out if I like Kelly’s dress yet, mostly because it looks like it’s made out of gauze or something. Kelly’s hair and makeup looked great, but she is a very pretty girl and looks good most of the time. If only she could get her mental state to look that good. LuAnn looked good, but didn’t really shock me with her one-shouldered look. That seems to be a staple for her this season. (Really mean side note: Does LuAnn look like a man to anyone else? I’m sorry, but I had to say it!)

On to the actual content of the show…

Andy greets the ladies, and each one of them seemed to give him an overly fake or awkwardly sexual response. I guess they wanted to start off with some happiness knowing what was probably about to ensue. The first topic of discussion was Alex’s new-found backbone this season. I am one fan who was glad to see her stick up for herself and say what she really means for once. The clip package focused mostly on her season long battle with Jill and the statement that she made about Jill being in high school while she was in Brooklyn. A lot of the bloggers and other media have ripped this comment to shreds, saying that it made no sense and made Alex look unintelligent. I personally thought that most of the media took it out of context. When quoting her, most media cuts her off right as she says she’s in Brooklyn. She actually said that she’s in Brooklyn trying to work hard just to support her family. I think that she meant that she didn’t have the time or patience for Jill’s petty behavior. As she tried to explain this on the show, Jill defends herself by saying that they were never friends. Now everyone that reads my blog knows that I am not Jill’s biggest fan and find her to be a walking contradiction. This is just another time that she proves it. Right as she is saying that she and Alex were never friends, she goes into how she felt like her friendship (Wait. I thought you were never friends??) had been mended when Alex invited her to her home and fashion show. By the way, Jill completely trashed talked Alex and the entire Brooklyn fashion week while she was there. To me, it seems that Jill either considered them friends at that point and still talked about her (as she did Ramona at her renewal), or never considered them friends and went as a fake gesture. Honestly, I just think that Jill comes up with whatever defense she thinks will work for her at the time. It was just more convenient to say that they were never friends than to attempt to defend her actions. I love how she claims to be changed and not want the drama, but she can’t just give Alex a sincere apology. That’s odd to me.

I’m going to quote another blog that I read…

“When Alex politely snapped at LuAnn with, ‘Let me finish, dear.’ I was half expecting LuAnne to jump to her feet and break into an Auto-Tune laced song with lyrics like, ‘Dear doesn’t make you chic’ or ‘A lady says dahhhling, my friend.’”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. I was laughing out loud when I read that.

Ramona gets a segment showing all of her funny and crazy moments from the season. She obviously has to respond to those crazy runway eyes. She simply says that she is now laughing it off. This is another opportunity to point out Jill’s rudeness this season. She had nothing good to say about Ramona, Alex or Brooklyn Fashion Week all together. She just acted like she was too good for it and had to leave immediately. Now, I know that she says that she’s never been friends with Alex, but doesn’t she claim to be best friends with Ramona. Oh yeah, she talks about everyone. Back to Ramona’s segment, I am so glad that the comment she made to Bethenny on the Brooklyn Bridge was brought up. It was completely uncalled for, and her apologies seemed sincere. Another example of how Kelly is not even on our planet is when she asked Ramona why she wouldn’t take back the comment about her being stupid instead. This woman is delusional.

We move on to a little commentary on Jill and Bethenny’s fight this season. Bethenny starts by explaining what went down. I feel like the viewers got some information from this explanation that had not been given during the season. To me, and again I say that I do not claim to be objective, I think Jill is simply jealous of the success of others. She admitted to wanting to sabotage Bethenny once she found out that she was getting her own show. I do feel like she has been ripped to shreds by everyone this season; but when you dish it out, you should be able to take it in return.

This is the ending to part one of the reunions, and I’m really ready for part 2. We will get to see Sonja, who will no doubt provide some much needed comic relief. We will also finally get to see Kelly’s attempt at explaining her out of control behavior on “Scary Island.” This week my blogging will be a little different, since I will be leaving for vacation on Thursday night. I am going to try to post my reunion part 2 commentary tomorrow. I will post Friday Friends a day early on Thursday. Next week’s Monday Top Ten will not be posted until I return on Wednesday. Hope you all have a wonderful day, and satchels of gold for everyone!!

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