Monday, October 17, 2011

Pinteresting Christmas Decor

I've noticed a lot of my other bloggie friends doing these "Pinteresting" posts; and thought since I've been completely at a lack of ideas on what to blog about a little uninspired lately, I would give it a whirl. Question to any readers I may still have... Why is Pinterest so addictive?? I absolutely love it!
Source: via Jamie on Pinterest
If you love Pinterest like I do, you will probably find these just as dead on amusing as I do.
On to today's theme. Since I've started getting excited about Christmas coming up, I figured I'd do today's post with a little Ho Ho Ho/Joy to the World/All is Calm All is Bright/Merry Merry Christmas theme. You get the point. BTW... "All is Calm All is Bright" is my absolute favorite Christmas saying. My Mom has is on a wall hanger in her guest bathroom; and every time I read it, it makes me feel calm and happy.
Growing up, Christmas was such a big event around the Harris household. It started right after Thanksgiving when my Mom would decorate the ENTIRE house with Christmas. No joke, our house became/still becomes a winter/snowman wonderland every year from about November to February. This comes complete with lights, multiple trees, snowmen galore, Christmas bedspreads, villiage scene, etc. Again, you get the point. As I'm getting to decorate my own space, I'm definitely finding my own holiday identity, but still taking some traditional decorating tips from my Mom and Grandmothers. So, here we go.
Christmas Trees
I love the rustic look of this tree.
Source: via Jamie on Pinterest
Love the birds and burlap tags with chalkboard notes or photos.
Source: via Jamie on Pinterest
Beautiful Linen Tree Skirt
Source: via Jamie on Pinterest
Mantle Decor
Source: None via Jamie on Pinterest
Lace and Burlap Stockings
Love the stars.
I would love this on my mantle year-round, but how cute is it with a Christmas saying. Maybe even "All is Calm All is Bright"
Outside Decor
Would love these outside on steps leading to a porch.
So simple and pretty!
Beautiful wreath!
Stockings are my favorite thing about Christmas. Growing up, we always had a stocking with our name on and one for each of the pets. Just love them!
Love the white with green stitching.
Love the blue trim, and the letters would be an easy DIY.
Source: via Jamie on Pinterest
I love a bow.
Source: via Jamie on Pinterest
I'm probably ordering these for us this year. The embellishment can be customized to be more "manly."
How cute are these?
So pretty from Pottery Barn.
Would love to put some of these in my big glass vase in the center of my dining table.
This is probably the longest post I've written in a really long time! If you made it to the bottom, thanks so much for reading. I'd love to hear everyone's comments on what their favorite Christmas memory or thing is. Hope you all have a fabulous day!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Aunt NeNe

I wanted to wait until Kristin had debuted baby Hudson on her blog. Since she did that, I wanted to let all my blog friends know how excited I am to be an aunt again. My best friend just had her first baby, and let me tell you how sweet and cute he is. He is an absolute doll!!! See the pics below and drool over his cuteness.
Joseph Hudson Lindley looking just like his daddy.
This is our first of MANY pics to come!

Love you Kristin and Hudson!