Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Adult Spring Break on the Beach

I just got back from the beach with some of my best friends from college. This trip happens once per year, and we all look forward to it. The trip was scheduled for Friday through Monday, but someone (Pippa and Jennifer) decided it would be a good idea to head down Thursday night and try to get into the condo early. Of course, we all went along with the idea like it was the best one we’d ever heard. Well, turns out it wasn’t that great of an idea. We pull up to the condo, which we already had the key to, only to realize that some lights were on. We were scared to just bust in, so we had to make a plan. The plan was that Jennifer and Kayla would knock on the door to see if someone answered. This seemed like a great plan until someone actually did answer, and Jennifer had to say, “Oh, this isn’t the Johnson’s condo?” The woman was not too thrilled since it was about 1 AM. So, here we were in San Destin just hanging out with no place to sleep. We decided we had to get a room for the night, but no hotels had availability. Well, one place (The Ramada) had some rooms, but I wouldn’t call it a hotel as much as I would a motel. The carpet was damp and sticky, so we had to wear our shoes at all times. The beds were broken and dirty, so we all sunk to the middle. This place was gross to say the least, but we all survived. It actually turned out to be a pretty funny story. The rest of our days were filled with lying on the beach doing pretty much nothing. We had a couple of birthday/engagement parties for Whitney. We danced at Rum Runners and The Village Door. We did a little shopping at the outlets. I made everyone eat a Dave’s Dog. They are delicious, and I would recommend everyone trying them. Another thing I would suggest for your next beach trip is eating at Mitchell’s Fish Market. Ali suggested this restaurant, and it exceeded my expectations. We were greeted by a friendly hostess who asked us about our trip and gave us a pager for our wait. Once the pager went off, we made our way to the tables, only to realize that they had given us a private room. This was actually better for them than it was for us, since we tend to get a little loud at times. When we sat down at the table, we realized that our menus had been personalized with the date and “Girls Beach Party Getaway.” We were thrilled. The food was delicious. They also comped us several desserts for Whitney’s birthday. Jennifer would like for everyone to try the shark fin. She thoroughly enjoyed it. On our last night, we decided to have dinner at The Red Bar. This was delicious, of course. Afterwards, we thought we’d just grab some champagne and head to the beach to talk. This was such a fun idea until a sand/rain storm hit us, and we were forced to evacuate the beach as fast as we could. The trip ended with lots of hugs and promises to see each other more often. I truly enjoy being around these girls, and they make me so happy. I was so glad to get to spend some much needed girl time! Here are some pictures from the trip…
all of us on the beach

We ordered Whitney's cake in her wedding colors and Phi Mu colors.

We took a break from dancing to pose for a picture. I know that I'm making a disgusting face here.

all of us in the waiting area at Mitchell's Fish Market

our personalized menus

the private room they gave us

dinner at The Red Bar

nighttime beach party before the storm

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