Thursday, June 17, 2010

Systematic Bullying RHONY Reunion Part 2

I was very surprised that part two aired on Tuesday, as I expected it to take 3 weeks for all of the drama to unfold. I was happy, though, to be getting it over with. The episode opens up with a good ole’ Jill bashing. Even I thought this was a tad harsh, but most of the things said were true. I’m glad that they addressed how she jumped on Ramona for not gossiping to her about Bethenny’s father’s death. Of course when faced with video evidence of the things she did, Jill just apologized and said she wasn’t perfect. At first, I thought this was a little cowardly of her not to explain herself further, but then I realized that apologies are really all she has left at this point. Well, I guess she had apologies and claims that her mean comments were just an attempt to be funny like Bethenny. Oh, so you’re mean and not funny. Ok. They bring up her trying to sabotage Bethenny’s show again, which she admits again. Andy talks about how Jill used to be a favorite but really took a hit with the fans this season. I have to agree with this. In the first season, I absolutely loved Jill. In the second season, I started to see her flaws and inconsistencies, but the third season just plain out made me no longer a fan. I guess I can stop beating a dead horse and move on to something else now.

The next segment is where Sonja comes out. Let me just say that I am so glad that Sonja has been on the show this season. She provides some much needed comic relief, and I just absolutely love her lighthearted attitude. Sonja talks about her upbringing and her active sex life. I love how Kelly claimed to be offended by Sonja because she was so conservative. Didn’t you just pose for playboy?? I was glad to get to hear from Sonja, and I think that most of the women reacted pretty favorably to her joining the cast this season. I was also glad that she was brought out on stage to be a witness to what happened on Scary Island, which brings us to our next segment.

Crazy Kelly Petron Bensimon has to respond to her 3 episode meltdown that was St. John. Bravo rolls the clips of her acting possessed. Once it didn’t work to claim that Bravo forced her to go on the trip, she provides her explanation. Well maybe it wasn’t an explanation as much as it was a public service announcement. Apparently sometime during all of this craziness, Kelly has become the official spokesperson for “systematic bullying.” I’ve been hearing this defense from her for a while now since I follow her on Twitter. Since she has now decided that was her official defense and that she is the official spokesperson, I took to the internet to find out exactly what this was. I could not find a very clear definition and would love for any of my readers to provide one, but what I found didn’t seem to fit. The stuff I found says that this is using the system to bully someone. An example I found would be a fraternity hazing members and claiming that it was because of the rituals of the organization. I’m pretty sure this is not what happened here. If I remember correctly, Kelly dished it out pretty hard on the ladies. Sure, there were more of them to dish it right back, but bullying does not seem like the right term to me. Point blank, Kelly has some screws loose up there and isn’t rational. She probably realized that her craziness was exposed and found a term that she thought would fit. She not only used it as an excuse, she claimed to be crusading to end it all over the world. More power to you, fruit loop. The other ladies couldn’t even take it! The show ends with Kelly storming off, and I love how Bethenny says it’s like talking to Humpty Dumpty.

Another thing I would like to mention is the clip package with the most memorable one-liners from the season. A few of my favorites are listed below.

Bethenny – “Diarrhea of the mouth is not a real ailment.”

LuAnn – “I may not be Madonna, but I may be the female Barry White.”

Kelly – “I was kind of like Rapunzel, stuck in the Hamptons. I want to fall in love. I want to Robin to someone’s Batman.”

Kelly – “You guys are making lemonade out of lemons.”

Bethenny – “That means you’re making something good”

Kelly – “Not necessarily.”

Bethenny – “Exactly, ya dumb drag queen.”

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