Thursday, June 3, 2010


I've finally seen and had the opportunity to write about the newest episode of Real Housewives of New York City, Shunburn. This seemed to be one of the more tame episodes of the season, but still provided us with some pretty good drama. By the way, isn't watching drama on television so much more fun than experiencing it in real life!! On to the breakdown of the episode...
At the start of the episode, we realize that Kelly has decided to fly home early for obvious reasons. She absolutely needed to get out of there and see someone. This is the first time on this trip that the other ladies actually seem to be having a pleasant, fun time. Sonja decides to treat them to a spa day, where they all get massages and mani/pedis on a beautiful deck by the water. They sure needed some time to debrief after the previous days of pure craziness. Seems calming enough, right? Well, that is until the screeching sound of Jill's voice fills the air. "Hiiiiiiiiiii... Ramona, surprise!" Let me just say on a side note that it is my opinion that surprising someone by showing up unannounced on their vacation is not a good idea. I think it's actually a pretty selfish idea. What a way to make it all about yourself, especially knowing that you'll also be surprising several others who do not enjoy your presence. I do, however, feel that Alex did overreact a a little with the whole shaking bit, I can't say how I would react having just experienced the tornado that was Kelly "Satchels of Gold" Bensimon. I did think that Jill kissing Sonja and saying hello to Bethenny like they were best friends without acknowledging Alex's presence was pretty catty. I mean if she was just saying hello to everyone to be friendly, then she should have included Alex, but if she was just trying not be fake, why speak to Bethenny? Jill is a walking contradiction. The ladies obviously did not take Jill's surprise well, and thinking of her guests, Ramona asked her to leave. This upset Jill, understandably, but she went on her way with Bobby.
Next we see Jill, LuAnn, Kelly and random friend having lunch back in New York. At this point we get to hear Kelly's skewed view of how the trip took place. As I already know that she is one color short of a rainbow, it comes as no surprise to me that her version of the events are completely off from what we all saw happening. First, she says that she was completely attacked the entire time. My take on it involved her being the instigator. She also said that Bethenny admitted to sabotaging her in the press, which clearly did not happen. Jill seemed to feed into most of the story since she was also hurt by the girls, but she and LuAnn did notice that Kelly did not seem to be making any sense. The way she kept trailing off from the story to talk about candy was just plain odd. LuAnn did interject when she mentioned calling Bethenny a ho bag. Um... LuAnn is completely right. Who even says that? The lunch moves on with the ladies agreeing that Kelly should never have gone in the first place.
The next scene, I have to say, was more disturbing to me than Kelly's meltdown. You may be wondering what could be more disturbing than that. Well, Jill in an ice skating uniform could definitely be more disturbing. I get that she used to like to ice skate when she was eight, but I liked Captain Planet when I was eight. You don't see me running around dressed as Linka trying to summon the spirit of Earth through the powers of nature. I really loved that show! Anyway, this was Jill's holiday party, and most of the girls were in attendance. Highlights of the party involved Ramona and Jill making up. Ramona apologizes for hurting her feelings, and Jill accepts. Then, crazy decides to confront Ramona about how she was attacked by "systematic bullying" throughout the trip. Ramona tries to dodge the drama, but realizing it is inevitable, gives Kelly a forced, patronizing apology. By the way, if you don't follow Kelly on Twitter, you should. The girl is all kinds of crazy. After this goes down, Jill decides that her holiday party is the perfect opportunity to call Bethenny to ask her to lunch. Bethenny accepts, which leaves us with the cliffhanger of what will go down the next week during said lunch. I, for one can't wait. Until then, please load up on SPF. Shunburn is rough!

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