Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Friends!

Ok, I've decided to go back to doing a couple of friends per day. I started thinking about everyone and realized that I have a few more friends than I thought I did. That's a good thing! I'm pumped that I get to do this little shout out to everyone! Oh, and I have to mention that I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing what's in everyone's bag!! Thanks Alicia, Alison and Brittany for sharing!! Now, on to the friends...

Alicia Weeks Write Wright
(I have no idea why I wanted to spell that wrong!)

Isn't she beautiful!! I love that picture of her. I remember when I met Alicia freshmen year of college. All I could think was, “That girl has some really cool highlights in her hair!” We used to go to this place called Cheers a lot, and they had black-lighting. (Classy, I know.) White clothing and highlights stood out pretty well in that place. I got to know Alicia a lot better our junior year of college when someone decided to let the two rhythmically challenged girls in lip sync. Now, Alicia is a lot like me on this one. We may not have great dancing skills, or coordination for that matter, but we dreamed of getting to be in a lip sync, theme night, derby dance, etc. (Ok, derby dance is really pushing it!). This was our chance, and we were going to make the best of it. Let’s just say a Kenny Loggins/Mystikal mash-up has never looked so interesting. We were completely decked out in black face paint, hair gel and caution tape; just waiting for our moment. “Revvin’ up your engiiiinnnneee, listen to her hoooowwll and roooaaarr!” I wouldn’t have wanted to share that with anyone else. Alicia and I shared another funny moment when we decided to go get our nails done before our friend Alison’s wedding. The man doing Alicia’s nails used his own dirty daggers (fingernails) to push back her cuticles. Alicia had the most horrified look on her face, and all we could do was laugh. That’s one thing I love about her. She knows how to laugh at herself. She is now in medical school and living with her awesome husband, Patrick, in Memphis. I must also say that she’s a reader of my blog, which gets her extra friend points in my book. I went back and forth on whether to share this video, mostly because I'm humiliated by my dancing skills, but you have to be able to laugh at yourself. Right??

Alison Taylor Alexander

Ally and I met freshman year of college, but got really close during our junior and senior years. We actually lived together during my fifth year/her first year of grad school. She is such a sweet friend, and she gives the best hugs. You can talk to her about anything, and she always makes you feel better. We had a lot of fun times living together, including the time that I accidentally locked my dog, Bentley, in our bathroom. Ally called me panicked, so I headed straight home. We concluded that only logical thing for me to do was to climb out of my second-story bedroom window and hop across to the bathroom window. At that point, I guess the plan was to pray the window was unlocked and save the dog. I climbed out still dressed in my good clothes, while the neighborhood watched below. Ally’s job was to hold on to my dress until I made the jump to the other window. It took us about 20 minutes, because she was so scared to let go of me. Bentley, Ally and I were all fine, but this story just shows the kind of friend she is. She’s willing to go on the adventure with you, and she’s going to be there with you every step of the way. Other facts include: she’s a math genius, the best partner for a taco bell run, she’s extremely good at golf and she always makes me laugh. I really miss and love her a lot!!

Stephanie Rahaim Mayfield
(I have no idea why I'm getting so formal today with full names.)

That's such a cute picture of her with her little girl! Stephanie, or “Pippa,” as our friends call her, is one of my most interesting friends. There are so many cool things about her. First is her hair. Pippa has very curly hair, and she always wears it in a bouffant. If you don’t know what a bouffant is, it’s a teased up-do. Well, Pip really doesn’t have to tease hers too often; it just has a lot of volume. The next fact is that she used to have possibly the worst vision of anyone on Earth. Well, I’m assuming that from the pictures of her glasses that she had when she was younger. Those things were coke bottles. She has the best childhood pictures of anyone I know! This girl also REALLY loves cheese… Man, does she love cheese, kind of like a mouse. She has a really high booty crack that sticks out of any pants that she wears. She’s also a mommy to the cutest little girl, Maddy Mayfield. From what I’ve heard, Maddy did not inherit Pippa’s crack, though. She’s also very funny. I love hanging out with her, because she says and does some of the funniest things. I have to say that out of all the people I’ve met in my life, I’ve never met anyone quite like Pippa. I really do love her to death and hate that I don’t get to see her more often.

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  1. This is funny! I'm glad you posted the video. Thanks James!! Love you!