Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What's in your bag?

**This had to be re-posted, because it messed up the first time.

Since my sister tagged me, I am now writing a post about what's in my bag. First of all, let me say that my first reaction to the tag was fear. I thought, "What IS in my bag???" Well, luckily it has been cleaned out pretty recently, which is a feat for me. We'll start with a photo and a little extra info on my bag.

The Bag
I bought this "The Sak" bag about a month adn a half ago for a little over 100 dollars. The Sak has been making leather goods for a little while now, and I figured they're a prety reputable brand. Well, what you don't see is the back straps are unraveling. The store (Dillard's) won't take it back, and I don't have the original tags or receipts. Basically, I can't do much about this one, but what I can do is tell all of you not to buy this brand. Save yourself the anger. Kacey, I may be needing that loaner from 2 years ago back after all!

Now on to the contents...

The Wallet

This is your basic Fossil wallet that I've had for about two years now. To anser your questions... No, white wasn't the best choice. It's nice and dirty with stray pen marks everywhere. Yes, I want a Hobo but just haven't been able to let myself spend that much on a wallet. And no, I'm not nude in my license photo.

The Electronics

1. My Camera - Well, only the case, since I had to use the camera to take the photo.
2. My Blackberrry
3. My Phone Charger - This is not usually in my purse, but since I've been traveling so much, I've had it with me.
4. My Camera USB Cord
5. My Camera Charger - I hate a dead camera.
6. My Flash Drive

The Paper Goods

1. Receipts Keeper - This is for when I travel for work, but it ends up holding much more than receipts.
2. A Post-It List - These can be found in my purse, my room, my car, etc.
3. Stride Gum - Not sure why this is a paper product.
4. Grated Parmesan & Crushed Red Pepper - From Soulshine Pizza, still need to throw those out.
5. My Business Cards - Bound with a rubber band to keep it classy.


1. A Couple of Random Pennies
2. My Work Keys
3. Burt's Bees
3. Revlon Lipstick and Gloss
4. Chapstick - Justin bought me "Refreshing Mandarin," interesting choice.
5. A Bracelet
6. A Pen
7. Generic Sleep Aid - For when I'm out of town... Sometimes I get scared in hotels alone, and I can't sleep.
8. A Now-N-Later & a Peppermint

Now I need to tag some friends...
Alicia Wright - Because she reads my blog and will have a really OCD purse
Alison Alexander - Because I miss her
Brittany Wilson - Because I LOVE her blgo and it will be cute/funny
Brittany Ridgeway - Because I want to know what's in a "Miami" purse
Also, anyone else who reads this. I'd love to see yours!!

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  1. I love these jamie.. like I want everyone to have to do it! Stephen got those purse hooks for me for christmas and he had to do some serious research for "heavy duty" ones.. they hold up to like 15 pounds.. ha!