Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

Happy Tuesday, y'all!! Here's what I'm thinking about today.
1. Tom Brady has gotten a mullet. Now this is one sexy man, but last night's MNF game that pitted the Patriots against the Dolphins was hard for me to watch. This is not because it was a bad football game; just that Tom Brady has grown a mullet. Look, when you're wife is Gisele, you might want to step it up and stay groomed. I'm just saying. In case you're reading my blog, Tom (which, why wouldn't you be??), I'm providing a picture of the way I prefer you to look. Thanks, sweetie!!
2. Today is Jennifer "Ducky" Farris's birthday. We'll just say that she's been 21 for a couple of years. A bunch of us are having dinner at Burger's and Blues on Thursday night to celebrate. I can't wait!
3. The fair is in town. Now, I don't really LOVE the fair, but I'll tell you what I do love. I love to watch the skankiness that it seems to always bring out. There'll be someone in overalls gnawing on a turkey leg. There'll be a couple with their hands in each other's back pockets. There might even be a girl fight. I'm looking forward to playing "Carnie or Patron?" In this game, you simply find fair-goers that could easily be mistaken for carnies. Give it a whirl. I promise you'll enjoy it.
4. I'm going to leave you with a link to this video that my friend Lindsey told me to look up on YouTube. I can't embed it, because it's copywrited by Ellen. This is hilarious!!!

Hope everyone has a great day. Talk to y'all tomorrow!!

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  1. hey! just wanted to tell you that they talked about his hair on tv this week. he has a mullet because his wife won't let him cut his hair. he looks terrible. i am thinking he needs to step up to the plate and be a man. if he wants to cut his hair he should cut it. thinking there has to be more to this story.