Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts & Where Ya At??

Here's some thoughts on this lovely Tuesday...
1. I heard a wonderful sermon at Broadmore in Madison this past Sunday. One thing that really stood out was the quote, "There's two things I'm sure of. I am a great sinner, but Christ is a great Savior." That really got me thinking about what an amazing God we serve. Hope it gets you thinking too.
2. I'm always looking for a little caffeine in my life. Well lately that has come in the form of Diet Mountain Dew. Those puppies are addictive!!! If you need a boost, they are almost more of a jolt than a Red Bull or Five Hour Energy!!
3. Patience... If anyone knows where I can get some that, please give me a shout!! I am realizing day by day that I really don't have a lot of patience. Don't worry. I'm working on this!! Hopefully by the time I die, I'll have a little.
4. Where ya at? I've got this new little ditty called a Site Meter on my blog. This thing is so freakin cool. It tells you how many hits you have, plus predicts how many you will have soon. Click on the little icon at the bottom of my blog to see mine. One other thing that it does is tells you the location of your readers. Don't worry, it doesn't pin point your exact location. That would be creepy. it just gives a city and state. I was very surprised to see places like Itasca, IL; Pictou, Nova Scotia (That's Canada!!); Winchester, NY; Pine Lake, GA; Brooklyn, NY and Lake Mary, FL!!! Wow!! That's absolutely amazing! So my question is this... Who are all you fabulous readers from afar?? Please please leave me a comment with your name and location!! This might just make my week.

That's all my thoughts for today... I can't wait to hear where you all are!!
We've all wondered where Carmen is and now I want to know where you are!!


  1. You know where I am! Boring old Memphis...

  2. Proudly representing Madison, MS and UMC. I am Kristin Lindley! (spoken in a true pageant voice)

  3. sorry Jamie pretty boring...madison, but today it will say lafayette, la!

  4. Jamie Jamie! In reference to:

    Number 1. We do serve an amazing God, one who loves us with an "I love you in spit of" kinda love, rather than "I love you because" kinda love. Great example for the way we should love others.

    Number 2. The most intense caffeinated drink ever made was Surge. Think back circa 1995-ish. That stuff was Mt. Dew on steroids.

    Number 3. I am always looking for patience as well and in the process of doing so, totally overlook the MANY opportunities God puts in my path daily to practice patience. It's like a muscle that you rarely use. It's there, we just have to exercise it :)

    4. Where I at? Where you at? Where you SHOULD be is in the M-town! Where it's at!

    Hope you are having a great week!

  5. number one was supposed to say in spite of, not spit haha