Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Watch What Happens!

Ok, I'll admit it. I LOVE good television. Well to be honest, I'm not sure "good" is the right word. Hey, it's dang good to me. Mostly, I watch reality TV. I just cannot get enough of the drama from these people. I form opinions on the characters and hold strong to these opinions. I thought that I would do a post on some of my favorite reality shows and my view of the characters and drama.

The E! Shows
Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Pretty Wild & Girls Next Door

Keeping Up With the Kardashians is probably my favorite non-competition reality show out there. I admit that I have an unhealthy obsession with this family. I follow them religiously on Twitter, and I've had dreams where I was the extra member of the family. Khloe is probably my favorite character. I love how she will say ANYTHING. Bruce is so clueless, and Kris just wants to be one of the girls so bad. I would really watch any show that this cast of characters was involved in.
Pretty Wild is one show that I didn't want to start watching, but of course on a bored Saturday afternoon, they suck you in with one of those marathons. The drama on this show is hilarious, and the mom is even more clueless than Bruce. Maybe Andrea and Bruce should get married. I also love that Gabby tries really hard not to turn out as slutty and outrageous as her sisters. Give it up honey, you'll be flashing on national television and robbing celebrities soon enough.
The Girls Next Door (Original Cast Only!) is one show that I cannot get enough of. Do they have DVDs of this? I mean, as much as I did not want to like Holly, Bridget or Kendra, how could I not?? For some reason, they are just so interesting to me. Holly's nice-nasty comments, Bridget's general clueless attitude (maybe she could be Bruce and Andrea's child) and Kendra's just plain stupidity reel me in every time. Sorry, but the new cast just has no appeal to me!

Bravo Shows
The Real Housewives of Everywhere

The Real Housewives of New Jersey are basically the Jersey Shore kids with a little money. My favorite character is Jacqueline. She's so sweet and tries to stick up for what is right. Dina and Caroline are absolutely ridiculous. Dina hides behind Caroline whenever she starts all of her drama, and Caroline has seen one too many episodes of The Sopranos.  Who does she think she is? The Godfather? "When you mess with my family, you mess with me (insert angry snarl on her face)" Ok, who doesn't feel this way. I love and protect my family as much as the next gal, but I don't use that as a threat to people. I can't make up my mind on Teresa. At first, I really liked her. She seems so sweet and cute, but then you see her throwing a table. Really? You're one hair poof and punch in the face from being Snookie Jr. Finally, Danielle. I cannot figure out why, but I really like her. I think it must be because she's not afraid to face Caroline "the muscle" and Dina "the weasel." Who cares what's in her past? If you ask me, Dina and Caroline need to worry more about little Albie, who's lifelong goal is to open a strip club/car wash. Just my opinion, though.
The Real Housewives of Orange County are just plain entertaining. What a cast they've thrown together. I mean there's Tamra, who is delusional about her marriage and looks. Vickie is just plain intense to the point of embarassing. I would be humiliated if my mother got drunk on every episode and yelled, "whoo hoo" to the top of her lungs. I will say that I do respect that she actually has a job that she seems to work hard at. There's something the viewers can relate to. Lynne, sweet clueless Lynne, her daughters are in complete control of her. On a positive note, I will say that I do adore her cuffs. They're super cute! Gretchen is another character that I'm surprised that I like, although she did lose a couple of points when she started dating Slade. He's point blank an absurd, fame-hungry middle-aged man. It's actually sad. If I had to sum it up, I think my favorite thing about this series is how they are so dramatic, but all swear that drama is the one thing they hate the most. It's clear, though, that the one thing they love the most is bejeweled, low-cut clothing.
The Real Housewives of New York are like a car wreck for me. I don't want to watch, but I just can't stop. Ramona is hilarious! Between those crazy eyes and flying of the handle at a moment's notice, the entertainment value is off the charts. Kelly is like a teenager trying to pretend to be an adult. Watching her in an argument is pure enjoyment. Luann, aka "the countess," is delusional. I feel like she wants to be carried around on a throne at all times and have the common people cover their eyes in her presence. She really lost me that time she wanted the limo driver to refer to her as "The Countess" in season one. How does this lady take herself seriously? I didn't really like Alex in season one, mostly because the whole "glued to Simon" thing just weirded me out. Well, Simon is enough to weird anyone out. Never trust a man in red snakeskin pants, just saying. Even though she seems a little more conniving this season, I actually like her better. I'm not sure if it is because she has more scenes sans Simon or if it's that she's against Jill. I'll get to Jill in a minute, but first I want to mention Bethenny. Bethenny is my favorite character, because she seems to be just a girl trying to be successful in love and life. I'm glad she's found Jason, is starting a family and is finally rid of Jill. Jill used her to make herself feel better, which brings me to my LEAST favorite character. Alex was right. Jill is a mean girl. She fights with everyone constantly. Ramona was right. Jill likes the underdog. That's exactly why she's moved on to Luann, who is fresh off of her divorce this season. To end on a positive, I will say that I do like two things about Jill. Her husband and mother do seem like very sweet people!
With all three of these Bravo shows, I do realize this. Without both the people I do and do not like, I wouldn't like the shows. It takes all kinds to make it interesting.

A Quick Mention for MTV
The Hills & The City

The Hills, first let me say, was way better when Lauren was the main character and Heidi was actually a real girl. Now that Lauren is gone away and Heidi has gone plastic, I'm almost glad it's the last season. I've loved this one since the Laguna Beach days. Spencer is gross and doesn't even deserve this short mention. Heidi is brainwashed. I love Lo and Audrina. Those of you who know my current life know that I have a secret thing for Justin Bobby. I'm on the fence with Kristen and Stephanie. In my perfect world, it would just be a show about Lauren and Brody (who's also related to the Kardashians; coincidence, I think not) together forever.
The City is a show that I like but has lost some of it's appeal this season. I love Whitney and Erin, but pretty much hate Olivia. I will say that her fashion sense is pretty great, though.

Well, that's it for this post. Hope you enjoyed a little breakdown of my opinion on some of my favorite reality TV shows. Thanks for reading, and see you soon!

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  1. Reality T.V. is my guilty pleasure. I watch all of these (except RH New York and OC), and I loved your little blurbs about each. Have you gotten sucked in to Giuliana and Bill - it's a new addiction. PS. Girls Next Door is available on DVD - I own (sad, but true). Love and miss you!