Monday, May 24, 2010

I AM...

For today's Monday Top Ten, I thought that I would just do ten simple sentences about myself. This will be pretty short and sweet, since I have a couple other things to write about today.

1. I LOVE spending time with my nephew.
2. I THINK that life is full of surprises.
3. I WISH that someone would do my laundry for me all of the time.
4. I KNOW that this day is going to go by very slowly.
5. I HOPE that I will win the lottery one day.
6. I NEED a nap, or at least I think I need one most all the time.
7. I APPRECIATE the people who read my blog.
8. I WANT an I-Pad.
9. I HAVE the best friends.
10. I AM happy.

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