Monday, May 10, 2010

The Bulldogs, Skinny Jeans, Friends and Portland, OR.

The Bulldogs, skinny jeans and my best friends are all things that have surprised me in a good way in the past. I can now add Portland, OR to the list. I had to go to Portland last week for work, and to be honest, I was really dreading it. I thought, "WTH cool happens in Portland, OR???" Well, I was pleasantly surprised by the city. My only complaint was that it was freezing cold. The downtown area was so cool, but my favorite thing by far was the hotel that I stayed in. I cannot say enough about The Nines hotel in Downtown Portland. This hotel sits on top of Macy's and is completely centered around fashion. This is right up my ally. My room had a Tiffany blue velvet chaise lounge with beautiful wallpaper and chandeliers. I was in love to say the least. Here are some pictures from my visit. They are mostly of the hotel.

The sign outside the hotel.

The beautiful bed and wallpaper.

The beautiful chaise lounge and one of the chandeliers.

The toilet had the option of a "half flush" or a "full flush" I was very amused by this!

This was outside of the elevator on my floor.

I wish I had gotten a shot of the lobby... It had dress forms with couture clothes on it. I mean seriously, I die!! Ok, here's one shot of downtown Portland. Hope you enjoy!!
From outside of the hotel window, of course. Hey, I said it was freezing!

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  1. jame jame- i love your new blog. And skinny jeans. esp white ones right now! love you.