Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hamster Talk

I wanted to do a blog update on Big Brother. I know that I was going to try to do one once per week, but I’ve gotten a little sluggish. I apologize for that. I think I’m going to break it down into categories of things to talk about.

The Brigade

For those of you who don’t know, the brigade consists of Hayden, Matt, Enzo and Lane. This was an alliance formed very early in the Big Brother game. While I don’t think it’s the “best alliance in Big Brother history” as they said, I do think they could go somewhere if they get it together and start making some smart moves. I think that Matt seems to be a wild card. I know that he thinks he’s playing this genius game, but I really think he’s making some mistakes. Obviously they need to get Rachel and Brendon out, so back-dooring Brendon seems to be a good move, considering he tends to be a strong player and can win the Veto. The only issue I see with his plan is that he should have at least put Rachel up on the block with a pawn. That way, if Brendon wins the Veto, he would still at least have Rachel on the block. Putting up Kathy and Andrew as a personal vendetta is just not smart. It’s never good to play this game personal. Another weakness I see in the brigade is that Hayden is obviously willing to screw them over for Kristen at any time. That’s not good. Even though I didn’t want to like him at first, Enzo is very funny calling himself the “Meow Meow.”


Plain and simple, Brendon and Rachel are gross. This may be the most disgusting showmance I’ve ever seen in Big Brother history. They’ve only known each other a couple of weeks, yet they already say “I love you” and she straddles him at any chance she gets. It’s just nasty. Also, it must be mentioned that her voice and the way she talks drives me insane. Please evict her as soon as possible.


I’m not really sure why, but I’ve really liked Kristen from day one. I like her game play of laying low the first couple of weeks, then playing hard. This game is a marathon, not a sprint. You have to pace yourself. Hayden also seems like someone who would be my friend, therefore I really like him. Who doesn’t want to see two people that you like in a showmance? I also like that they are keeping this on the down-low. No need to be Rachel and Brendon and put a big target on your back.

Britney’s Antics

I figure that there are a lot of people who like Britney out there and a lot of people who can’t stand her. I am one of the people who like her. I’m not exactly sure what her strategy is or if she even has one, but I love her being in this house. Why is this? It’s because she says some of the funniest things. I love when she talks about Rachel hanging out of her clothes and how sick her showmance is. I loved the segment when she tried to teach Enzo how to talk. I pretty much love all of her Diary Room comments. She’s just good entertainment.

Kathy’s Lameness

I just had to mention that Kathy is the most un-athletic player in the history of Big Brother. She’s even lamer than George or Renny. It’s pretty sad actually. She just laid there in that caramel. It was hard to watch. I thought that she was either the Sabatour or just plain terrible. Turns out she’s just plain terrible. She seems sweet though.

Lifelong Friends

I’ve got a couple of theories here. Hayden and Kristen could be lifelong friends and in a relationship. They just seem awfully comfortable around each other. I’ve heard theories that Britney is engaged to Kathy’s son. This could explain why Kathy voted to evict Monet. Also Andrew and Brendon could be the friends. This could explain Andrew’s strange loyalty to Brenchel and Brendon’s strange loyalty to Andrew even though Rachel wants to evict him. When are they going to let us in on this?

I think that’s really all I have to say on the show right now, except that I’m ready for some more twists. I hope you are all enjoying the season.


  1. 1. LOVE Britney. The role playing she and Lane did the other day pretending to be Rachel and Brendon, HILARIOUS!

    2. Brendon has got to get back-doored. Only way out of Matt's stupid nomination decision.

    3. Hayden and Kristen need to be super careful or Andrew is going to bust them out sooner or later.

    4. Brigade or no brigade, Matt's a douche. Period.

    I have a feeling we will be in serious discussion tomorrow :)

  2. Rachel needs to go. Now. She's disgusting. Her relationship with Brendon is disgusting. Her laugh is disgusting.

    I also think Britney and Kathy know each other - I have felt this way since day 1

    Can't wait until tonight!