Friday, July 30, 2010

Hamster Question

To all my fellow Big Brother fans out there, I want to know who you are voting for to be the new Sabatour. I've thought pretty hard about this. I don't want to vote for someone who I really want to win, because then they may become a target. I also don't want to vote for someone who I don't like (Brendon and Rachel), because they will sabatage the people I do like. I figure the best way for me to vote is to pick someone who is funny and will make it entertaining. That being said, I'm voting for Regan. He's very funny to me, and I will enjoy seeing a darker side to him.
Also, does anyone think that Kristen has a snowball's chance of surviving this week? I really like her and Hayden and don't want to see them go. If she is put against Kathy or another floater, I think she will be fine. The brigade's votes are enough to keep her around. The only thing I'm worried about is if she is put on the block against Hayden. If that happens, one of them will HAVE to win the POV. This game always worries me!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Don't Go!!

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  1. OK, I completely agree that Ragan is a wonderful candidate for saboteur...Hayden needs to drop Kristen like a bad habit! I think the brigade is stupid if they vote for her, it just leaves the door open for Hayden to screw them over in the end. Matt is a moron, again. Brigade needs to drop him. If you want to talk more about this email me haha I'll be waiting for a new post on Monday :)