Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

I'm a day late this week, but here goes...
1. The finale of Big Brother is this week (well, tonight actually)! It's been a pretty good season so far; and even though I hated to see Britney go, I'm hoping either Lane or Hayden will take the 500k. I can't wait for tonight's finale!!
2. This is where I get a little cheesy. I'm dating my best friend. Seriously, I love this guy so much!! Just had to add that.
3. I'm having so much fun planning a baby shower for my sister with some of her friends, aunt, and sister-in-law. What a great group of hostesses. They have been so sweet.
4. I'm having lunch today at Fenians with my friend, Paula. I bet it will be delicious.
5. XOXO!! Gossip Girl is back. I know I'm too old, but I just love it and Chuck Bass.
That's all I've got for ya today, bloggies... Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!!

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