Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sweatin' to the Oldies!

This past Monday, I celebrated my 28th Seventh Anniversary of my 21st birthday. I have to admit that I was a little down about turning what feels like a much bigger number than I really am at heart. Hey, you're only as old as you feel. Right?? Well, aside from the whole "getting older" thing, it was a fabulous birthday. I'll break it down for you below.
Saturday morning, I got my hair dyed back dark. I'm loving it! After that, I forced Justin Justin let me open my present early. I have to say he did a wonderful job picking it out!
Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch! Perfect gift!!!
Saturday night, Justin, Jared, Jamie S. and I all went to Shucker's and a few other places to celebrate. Jamie gave me the prettiest bracelet! Wish I had a picture to share. You would all be jealous! We saw a lot of our other friends there and had soooo much fun!
Graham, Sara, me and Becca at Shucker's.
This is the only photo I have from the night. You can see my dark hair here. Since I lost my camera, I had to steal this from Sara's facebook photos. I wish I had a pic with Jamie S, because she looked so cute. A pic with Justin would have also been nice.
Sunday, we had a nice relaxing day around the house. Since Justin and my brother both killed deer on Saturday morning, we made a deer roast in the crock pot and deer poppers. My brother, Trey, and Jamie S. and Jared came over for dinner. (Funny thing, Justin's twin brother, Jared, also dates a girl named Jamie.)
This is me with Jamie. Great pic of her, not so much of greasy bear on the right. :)

Monday, I was off work (whoop, whoop) for my birthday! First of all, I was overwhelmed by all the sweet texts, calls and FB posts for my birthday. Just felt great that so many people wanted to wish me a happy day. For lunch, my sweet family took me out to eat at Georgia Blue and gave me sweet gifts. I had such a good time seeing all of them and hanging out with my nephews, Myers and Harris.

This is not from that day, but how cute are Harris and Myers dressed up for Halloween?
Monday night, Justin and I went to the movies to see J. Edgar. Not sure I would recommend it. It was a little weird. Funny story though, We brought our own snacks with us. (Hey, I never said we weren't cheap!) We got flashed with the red lightsaver wand by the movie guy for it. Luckily, they didn't kick us out, though!
Tuesday, it was back to work with a lunch planned with my sweet friend, Lindsey. I was so excited to eat with her at Sombra Mexican Kitchen. When I showed up, SURPRISE!!! My Jackson friends were there to help me celebrate!
Kelly, Lexie, Kristin, Baby Hudson, Lindsey, me and Kayla. There were Gigi's cupcakes and some really cute earrings from Kayla (sadly I haven't gotten a pic of those yet.) and a CUTE wreath from my friend, Lindsey, who designs for Sugar Plums.
My oh so cute wreath from Lindsey.

The delicious cupcakes!! My favorite is the one with the hat! He was so cute, I just had to eat him up.

Tuesday night, Justin's brother, Ross, came over to bring me sweet gifts from him and Justin's parents. I really enjoyed getting to visit with him, since he's not going to get to be at Thanksgiving on Thursday. After that, my sweet friends, Amanda and Katie, took me to dinner at Georgia Blue (Yes, I love that place. You must try the tamales!) I had such a great time catching up with these ladies, who I've been friends with since 8th grade. Yes, that's a long time! Pic to come soon from the dinner, but here's one of us from back in the day.
This is from Katie's bachelorette party. Check out those classy dresses!

Today? Well, today I'm working until noon. Then Justin and I are going to go have lunch with my parents before Thanksgiving. Tomorrow we are going to feast with Justin's family. I can't wait. Then I'll have a long weekend!

I can't tell you how thankful I am for the people in my life! I hope everyone has the best Turkey Day and eats way to much and laughs way to hard with their family and friends!!

Lots of love,


  1. Sounds like you've had a pretty awesome week!! Hope you birthday has been the most fabulous one yet :)

    Happy Thanksgiving Love!

  2. sounds like a fabulous birthday and score on that watch!! what an awesome birthday gift