Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pinteresting Christmas Gifts

I'm not sure why, but my mind has been in complete Christmas mode lately. I always love thinking about what to get everyone. The perfect gift can bring a smile to someone's face in no time. So here goes with some gifts I've been thinking about this year.
For Kids
I have nephews, so these center around boys, but some could go for girls too.
How cute is this Baby's First Band Set? The parents might hate you, but the child will love it!
The Fish and Splash Boat for bathtime is only $19.00.
Source: via Jamie on Pinterest
I love love love this Book Buggy to carry around all their little books.
Source: via Jamie on Pinterest
I love this nap mat and pillow combo.
How cute is this for kids to give their Mommy and Daddy on Christmas Eve?
This category is for the gifts that you give to people around the office or those friends you want to do something for. These are gifts you can't spend TOO much money on, but you want to be super cute.
This is my all-time favorite "Happy" to give someone really any time of year. These mugs from Anthropologie are only $6 and you can stuff them with anything. I like to do hot chocolate and a pretty red bow for Christmas.
I love these burlap gift bags stuffed with holiday treats and tagged with a glitter letter.
This is a super cute way to wrap a cookbook with a dish towel and insert wooden spoons.
For Him
Buying for men can be hard. They always say they don't need anything, and everything they really do need is usually very expensive. Here are a couple of ideas.
This men's travel hanging toiletry bag is a great gift that a guy may not even know he needs. I would definitely add a monogram, just because I love a monogram.
How cool are these audio lightbulbs?? They are speakers that will wirelessly connect to your MAC, Ipod or Iphone and can plug into any light fixture. I'm keeping these in mind for Justin.
I originally got this idea from Callie over at the The Good Life, and we gave it to Justin's dad for his birthday. It's a book with recipes and stories from the best deer camps all over the south.
For Her
This section may have more of a selection; because well, I kinda consider myself an expert here. Hey, I'm a girl, so I at least know what this girl wants. And I'm willing to bet at least a few other girls out there want some of these too.
Source: via Jamie on Pinterest
I'm obsessed with these grey riding boots from DSW for only $70.
Who doesn't love a Tory Burch purse?
Beautiful Michael Kors watch...
The same watch in Rose Gold.
That's it for me today. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

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  1. yes i love the watches for us women they are so gorgeous. and the anthropologie initial mugs! i finally broke down and bought one, broke down even though they are $6 but they are so chic!