Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Random Sweetness!

How sweet is this? Last week, I came back to my desk at work and there was a Michael Kors bag with a Michael Kors satchel bag in it. I questioned everyone and found out that my Director just saw and bought it because it matched my watch. No special occasion, just a random act of sweetness.
The pic isn't that great, but I LOVE it!!
In other news, my dress for New Year's Eve in New Orleans came in. I am soooo excited about it, because I've wanted this dress for months. The only problem was that it kept selling out before I could order it. Well, the other decided I had given up and was about to order a completely different dress. Well, they had ONE left in this dress!!! So I snatched it up. It was a little big, so it is getting altered as we speak!

Hope everyone is having the best holiday season!!!


  1. love that dress!! wow super hot dress :-) and how sweet of your director to purchase you that, really really sweetness

  2. O my goodness!! That purse is awesome. What a sweet director.

    And you will be looking precious in that dress!! Love it.