Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Can I Be Your Friend?

Do you ever think about your online life? Well, it turns out that I do. I think about yours, mine and pretty much everyone's online life. Let me explain a little, before you start labeling me "creep." I was recently trained to do technology-based trainings for work. This means I've been researching and researching all the different uses and misuses of technology. It's absolutely crazy and downright scary some of the ways that technology can be misused. There's stalking, cyber-bullying, pornography, YOU NAME IT! So what, you may ask, is my conclusion? You might be surprised. My conclusion is that technology is wonderful and amazing. Strange? Let me finish here. HOWEVER... the people who choose to misuse it aren't so wonderful and amazing, so we have to be "in the know" with these things. Does this mean everyone should run out and get a tech degree or become experts on technology? Nope. Just means that everyone should think about the way they use technology and their online lives. Just be aware of privacy settings and what information you are giving out. So, after this preaching informative post, I'll leave you with this video. I love using this video in my trainings for a little humor and to get people thinking about just how strange their online life can be. Hope you enjoy...

Now, everyone go have a fabulous Wednesday and safe browsing to all!!

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