Thursday, August 11, 2011

MSU Football Apparel

So, I'm really excited that my bloggie friend, CALLIE, found out and shared with me how to use Polyvore to make clothing montages. Wow, this is going to be addictive. Well, I dove right in. With football season fast approaching, I thought my first POLY should be an inspiration for game day attire (at MSU, of course). Man, it's hard to find maroon clothes. Now, all of us gals know that football season isn't just a time to  support your team and tailgate; it's also a time to express your savvy fashion sense. Planning outfits for the entire football season is tricky, though. The weather ranges from burn my biscuits hot to brrrr rabbit cold, so I tried to include some things for all weather. Also, let me remind you that this is an IDEA board. I know that these items will link you to a site with some very pricey items. These are all items that I cannot afford. Some of you may be able to, but I am not able to. So here ya go everyone. This is what I'm dreaming about this football season.


  1. LOVE!!! O I can't wait to make more!

  2. i love what you picked out, great football wearing selections!