Monday, August 1, 2011

Dear Hudson...

Dear Hudson,
You are one lucky boy. You have more clothes and toys before you've even gotten here than I have right now.
Super Jelly Belly
Aunt Nee Nee
We had a shower for Kristin this weekend, and it was so much fun to be able to celebrate and spoil this sweet baby boy. I just love him so much already. My mom was sweet enough to let us use her house, and the shower went wonderfully, if I say so myself. We went with a theme of rustic outdoorsy/sweet frilly little boy. This is pretty much the perfect mix of this little bambino's parents. The party details and pics are below.
{The invitation that we had designed on Etsy. We also had the shop design matching toile circles alternating with his name, monogram and blank for cupcake toppers and food labels. I recommend using Etsy to anyone. It's wonderful. They will edit the design as much as you want, and you have them printed yourself.}
{This is a wreath from my house that I added an "H" to. Pretty easy, and I think I'm going to add some other stuff to it for different holidays or times of year.}
{The welcome table where guests could leave a note for Kristin and Hudson. I'm obsessed with glass jars used as candle holders or really for anything you can think of. They are just so versatile. The wooden thing around them is just a wood frame that I bought at Hobby Lobby and have leaning against my shelves at my house. The birdies are from my mantle.}
{The instructions for the "wish bowl."}
{Lizzy made this baby carriage out of diapers, and we used it as a centerpiece for the gift table. Such a cute twist on the usual diaper cake.}
{Sweet Hudson's banner}
{Sweet Hudson's banner and his Mommy}
{The food table with all the wonderful food everyone made including fruit and dip, sausage cups, pigs in a blanket, yogurt pretzels, BLT dip, cake pops and mini cupcakes. You can't see it very well, but we made the food labels out of adding the blank toile circles to the tops of the glass jars with the food names scripted on top.}
{The mini cupcakes with the cupcake toppers just taped to toothpicks.}
{The cake pops that Amy Grace and I made. If you would like the instructions on how to do them, just let me know. I will warn you, though, they are time consuming and tedious.}
{The drink table with with delicious Sangria that Kimberly made. Also, there was water with lots of lemon, as requested by the Mommy. The straws are also from Etsy. Did I mention I love Etsy??}
{Closeup of the cutesy straws.}
{All of the hostesses, who were so sweet and did so much for the party. If you look close, there are three buns in the oven in this pic.}
{Last one... Pic with the Mommy to be. Fun Fact: This is also the photo debut of my new haircut.}
Have a great week, and I love you, Hudson!!!


  1. Everything was so precious!!! O and p.s. Loving the new background.