Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday from Atlanta, Georgia everyone!! Here are my thoughts for the day...
1. I want to start this post with a special prayer request for my Gran-sis, Abby Troxler's new little baby boy, Baker. Abby and her husband, Drew, are facing health problems with their new baby and need everyone's prayers for a miracle. I can't imagine what they are going through, but know that God is more than capable of taking care of them. He is the great physician!
2. I'm no longer apologizing for my lack of frequent blogging. Would I love to blog more often? Yes. Do I feel a little guilty when I don't do it very often? Yes. Do I think you care enough for me to apologize about it at the start of every post? Absolutely not! I'm sure it's just annoying. So with no apologies, I continue my thoughts.
3. I'm in Atlanta for the week for work, so I'm kinda missing home a little. I would, however, like to point out some positives about my ATL experience. 1) I'm staying at the Ritz Carlton downtown, and I certainly can't complain about that. The staff is amazing and see my photos below of my room. 2) I get to have dinner tomorrow night with my friend, Julia. I can't wait to catch up with one of my favorite friends that I don't see very often. 3) The Philadelphia 76's are in town to play the Atlanta Hawks tonight, and they are staying in the same hotel. I saw a couple of players in the elevator, and the conversation went a little like this...
Philadelphia 76er: "How are you today? What floor?"
Jamie: "3. You play for the 76ers."
Philadelphia 76er: "Yes, and who do you play for?"
Jamie: "The Mississippi Coalition Against Sexual Assault"
Philadelphia 76er: (Loud Laughter) "I'm not familiar with that team."
Jamie: (Embarassed) "Well, good luck in your game."
They were very nice NBA Basketball players. Now I'm just looking for some Real Housewives of Atlanta.

4. We moved in on Friday, and there is so much left to do and buy. I swear I spent so much money at Walmart and don't even feel like I got anything. I'm looking forward to decorating having some money to decorate. I guess the being poor thing is all a part of it. Oh, and Justin has started referring to me as his roommate. For instance on the phone, "Hold on, I'm talking to my roommate." Whatever works.
The only shot I have of the house... Empty!!

with my roommate
Happy Tuesday, Y'all!

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