Friday, December 17, 2010

Can't Touch This

I finally broke on Wednesday and gave Justin his birthday present early. I know. I know. I've already admitted that I'm horrible with surprises. I can't help it. I came up with two reasons that made me feel better about giving him his gifts a week and a half early. Reason 1: His birthday is Christmas day, and I think he deserves two separate occassions for gifts. I didn't want to be giving him his birthday present while he was giving me a Christmas gift. That just didn't seem fair. Reason 2: Because I'm so bad at surprises, I decided to give him a hint on Wednesday morning. Well, the first thing he guessed was right. I lied and said he was wrong, which was so obvious. I'm also a really bad liar. I knew I couldn't keep up my lie for very longer, therefore he must get his gift that night. Whew! That made me feel better. Now, onto the gift. I got him an Ipod Touch 4th Generation. Here's a hint, don't go trying to buy these so close to Christmas. They are out at a lot of places. Well, I got it (see photo below) and he loves it. Mission accomplished. I had a lot to live up to on the gift front after getting my Kindle for my birthday.
Here she he is in all her his beauty. I've decided that it will need to be male, because I'm already jealous of how much of his time it has been taking. I decided I didn't want him having another girl in his life. I like to be the only one, besides his mom of course.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

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