Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts...

1. I'm keeping Myers tonight and couldn't be more excited about it. We're going play tunnel, tickle, mickey mouse, every trick he knows, etc. until we drop. I just love my little monster!!
2. It's Kristin's birthday week!!! Now, this gal loooovvveesss a birthday. She's not understated about it either. I think when she turns 40, she's not going to be embarrassed about her age. Instead, she's going to be shouting it to the rooftops so people can help her party it up. I can't wait to go to Burgers and Blues Thursday night to celebrate.
3. I'm only working two days next week.... WooHoo!!!!!!!! Monday, of course, is Labor Day. I will also be off Thursday and Friday for my New Orleans trip. Did I mention that I was pumped up about this?? Oh, I didn't think so.
4. Friday, I'm having lunch with two of my favorite friends from college, Lauren and Graham. Graham is also bringing his girlfriend, Molly, which means extra fun. I can't wait for all the fun conversation and the spinach salad from Broadstreet!!
5. I went to a shower this weekend for my friends Wally and Stephanie. They are such a cute couple, and I'm so excited that they are getting hitched y'all! I've known Stephanie for a long time since we grew up in the same church, and Wally and I have been besties all through college!! I had so much fun at the party and can't wait to whoop it up at their wedding. Also, I am the proxy bride at their rehearsal. I am so thankful to them for including me in their big event!!

I'll leave you with some pics from the weekend.
With the happy couple at the "Around the House" shower.

With Justin at George Street (Hey, I know it's called Old Tavern now. I'm old school and I can't keep up. It'll always be George Street to me from the days I was going when I was way to young to get in. Sorry Mom!).

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