Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

So everytime Kristin does a Tuesday Thoughts, it kinda makes me want to do one. Since I've kinda been slacking a little on the blog, I thought this would be a good way to jump right back in...

1. I wanted to wait until she had announced it on her blog and facebook, but my sister and her husband Matt are having another boy!! We anxiously waited to find out the sex of the baby, and now we know. I really did not have a preference here. I mean a girl would be fun and different, but Myers has been so fun that another boy would have to be great!! They are naming him Harris Matthew Ginn and calling him Harris. I just can't wait to meet the little fellow.
2. Supper Club with all of my friends has become my favorite thing lately. It's just so fun to have a regular occurance where we get to see each other. It's also fun to see how creative everyone is with their themes. This month is Lindsey's turn, and since she lives in Vicksburg and we all live in Jacktown, she's decided that we should just meet at a restaurant in the Jackson area. The theme is going to be Fall for Phi Mu, and we're all going to dress up and bring dates. I personally cannot wait for this.
3. I've been cooking a lot lately, and our friend group is putting together a recipe book as a present to each other at this year's annual Christmas party. Lindsey and I have been getting them together and formatted. I have to tell you they look great. I can't wait for the final product!
4. I know this is super-cheesy, but I really have a great boyfriend. He's so sweet and does so much for me. I really appreciate him more than he knows. Let me just give you an example... I normally pay about 50 smackers to get my oil changed in my car. Well, Justin wasn't having this, so I paid about 14 bucks for the oil and he's changing it for me. How great is that??
5. I want to recommend that you all go eat at Georgia Blue in Madison. It's a new restaurant there and it's GREAT!! I had the grilled chicken covered with sweet potatoes, ham and melted cheese. It was absolutely delicious!! Let me know if you all like it!
6. I'm going to New Orleans September 9th through 11th. Can anyone say Saints vs. Vikings?? I haven't been to Nola in a little bit, so this is going to be so fun!!
7. A quick funny story... Today, I was going to meet Justin at Hamil's for lunch. As I was walking out, I told our secretary where I was going. Just as I was closing the door, I hear her say, "Can you bring me some Rudabegas?" I opened the door back to remind her that Hamil's is a buffet, so I wouldn't be able to take a doggy bag. She said, "Just put some in a napkin and bring them back in your purse!" She was serious!! Now this is the sweetest lady and I didn't want to make her feel awkward, so I just told her I would. I just said a little prayer that she'd forget about it. Thank goodness she didn't say anything when I got back, but I could just picture myself getting caught and making the cut in the Madison Herald over trying to sneak some rudabegas for a co-worker!
8. I'm not sure who all reads this blog (if anyone at all) but I appreciate anyone who takes time out of their day to read my thoughts. You really are the greatest!!

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