Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Photo Dump

I always internally blame my lack of blogging on the fact that I haven't had a good camera in a while. Well, I still don't have a good camera, but I do have one that snaps photos. Here are some of the recent things that have been going on lately...

We went to the State vs. Texas A&M game and had so much fun!! All of my Phi Mu best friends and I did a tailgate, and I'm really hoping this becomes a tradition for at least one game each year. I had so much fun just getting to hang out with these girls at the place where most of us first met. Plus, I had a pretty cute date, too!

Not sure what that strand of hair was, but it photo bombed all my pics!
Group pic...

A couple of weeks ago, we took a trip to the coast, and I got to meet Justin's only living grandmother and some of his other family at a wedding. We stayed with his grandmother, and she was the sweetest host. I felt so welcome in her home, and even came away with a recipe for her cornbread dressing and a garlic press from her kitchen. My favorite part, though was getting to see so many cute pictures of Justin and his brothers growing up.

Last week, I got to enjoy lunch with some of my best friends and one sweet, handsome little boy. My friends were also so sweet to bring my Campbell's bakery treats to celebrate my bday!

We celebrated my actual birthday with dinner at Sombra with some friends and had an absolute blast!

All of the girls together...

Nasty Picture Alert!
In the last bit of news, Justin has killed 2 deer this season!! I'm not the hugest fan of killing animals (even though I do eat them), but this truly makes him happy, y'all! And you know what they say, "Happy Future Hubby, Happy Life." That is what they say, right??

Don't I look thrilled to be the one who got elected to hold the horns up on this one for the picture!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!!

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